The Overvolt AM 900i comes equipped with the new Bosch Powertube 500 battery, which perfectly integrates into the frame a sophisticated lithium-ion technology combined with a compact and elegant aluminium design. Featuring the new E-MTB mode, the level of assistance is automatically adapted to optimise battery autonomy.
Accessories have been carefully selected to satisfy all requirements inherent in an electrically-assisted mountain bike, like oversized tires offering the rider added skid resistance and comfort, associated with wheels dedicated to the Overvolt line, strengthened well beyond those of non-motorized models. Its Supreme 5 aluminium frame serves to reduce weight and enhance reliability, two keys to the success of this type of bike.
This model features the ROCKSHOX REVELATION fork mount, which is even lighter and more rigid, along with a shock absorber mounted on ball bearings for smoother operations and NX EAGLE SINGLE CLICK shifters dedicated to e-mountain bikes. Moreover, the Overvolt AM 800i is fitted with a telescopic seat post controlled from the handlebars to facilitate descents and crossings.

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